Adexis specialises in providing Microsoft-based IT solutions and support for your business. We aim to make your IT network a valuable asset that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations.

Service Types

Our Services are split into three main types;

Professional Services
Consulting, design, implementation, configuration, documentation and training on new or upgraded IT services. Generally, a once-off engagement which can be structured with a range of flexible options, Adexis provides a comprehensive range of project skillsets for your next implementation or upgrade.

Managed Services
Outsourcing all or some of your IT function as an ongoing engagement allows you to focus on what is most important to you. Whether it’s a technology where you don’t have the skillset, one you’re not interested in supporting, an upgrade that only happens once every couple of years, or it just makes good business sense to support it in a partnership, Adexis can help.

Scheduled Services
Scheduled services allow you to support a technology internally, but with the peace of mind of an expert providing guidance and quality assurances. Scheduled services are pre-defined periodic engagements to compliment your internal management.

Technology Service Areas

Within these categories of services, we support a range of technology areas and services, these include (but are not limited to):

Desktop deployment and management
Adexis consultants design, install, configure and manage desktop management solutions on a daily basis and have either created the infrastructure for, or deployed directly, tens of thousands of desktop machines. These solutions include a range of tools and functions including System Centre Configuration Manager, Endpoint protection, patching, group policy and logon scripts.
Deploying new hardware, updating to a new operating system or managing it more efficiently does not have to be a massive task. We can help ensure that the transition to a new desktop solution is a smooth one, or that getting new applications deployed to the business occurs in hours, not days or weeks!

Secure remote access
Remote access to business systems is common place in today's corporate and government environment as our workforce becomes more mobile, however it’s important to provide services to your user base in a secure manner. Adexis can help design and implement solutions which will allow a consistent and easy remote connection for users while still ensuring security requirements are not compromised and providing the IT team and executives with peace of mind.

Messaging and Unified Communications
Email is one of the (if not the) most critical business tools available today, while instant messaging and desktop video conferencing also provide efficient communication, saving travel time and costs.
Implementing robust and easy to use mail and video conferencing solutions is often less complex than expected; and Adexis can assist in designing and implementing a solution that’s right for your business.

Directory services
Directory services, such as Active Directory, form the basis of the entire corporate network structure and it is therefore vital that the structure is designed well and maintained correctly.
While most IT departments and third party providers have experience with AD, Adexis specialises in this area and has many years’ experience in not only designing and implementing robust Active Directory solutions, but also in regularly bringing poorly maintained, insecure and messy directories back from the verge of where-ever it is that directories go to die.
Active directory is key to the stability and easy maintenance of your entire network, Adexis is the specialist on your side.

Virtualisation and server consolidation
Server virtualisation has become a commonplace commodity, however many organisations incorrectly spec their hardware, suffer from VM sprawl or choose inappropriate virtualisation solution for their needs.
Adexis can assist with designing, installing and configuring your virtualisation solution to ensure you save as much money as possible on server hardware and licensing while still getting the performance you require. Our solutions are designed for scalability with your current and future needs in mind as well as enabling for both cloud and on-premise.

Cloud and Hybrid-cloud migration
Cloud is the latest innovation in corporate IT networks which can provide an outstanding alternative to on-premise solutions in the right situations. Adexis can guide you through this tricky minefield helping you to understand where cloud is right for you, your business needs and IT requirements and where a hybrid cloud/on-premise solution may be more beneficial. We can then design and implement robust Cloud and Hybrid-cloud solutions that don’t just follow the trend, but genuinely empower your business.

As organisations grow, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of important events occurring on the corporate network. Monitoring software, such as Systems Centre Operation Manager can help improve network uptime and reduce issues by alerting administrators to issues as they happen, improving response times and pre-emptively solving issues, before they become larger issues.