The Adexis difference

So how is Adexis different to the plethora of other IT consultancies out there? We're glad you asked.

South Australian owned, operated and stable
Adexis was formed in 2005 and is owned, and staffed by local, Adelaide consultants, who have worked around Australia and the world, and settled back in Adelaide (or home as we like to call it).
Not only does using Adexis contribute to the our local economy, but since we are not managed by a bunch of executives in the US who have never even heard of Adelaide, we will not disappear suddenly because of poor economic conditions elsewhere in the world.

Masters of our trade
Adexis only does one thing - we provide services for Microsoft infrastructure products, and we do it well.’re the best at it. We provide a premium level of expertise that can only come from a specialistspecialists. This means oOur solutions are built to fit and are of the utmost quality, in accordance with best practicse and in the most efficient timeframe. Not only does this save you time, but money as well.

We do not sell hardware products or software licensing, nor VMWare, citrix or networking services - so we are dedicated to providing you the best possible Microsoft solution. We understand these services are important to you though, so we have partnered with similar companies who are experts in these respective fields.

Why see a generalist when you can have a panel of specialists?

Adexis is able to provide outstanding value on your project or service because we have lower overheads than our competitors.
Our small, specialised workforce and focus on Microsoft technology allows us to provide specialists in the field at the price you would expect to pay for a generalist. These specialists pride themselves on delivering solutions as quickly as possible and "doing it right" the first time. This means reduced cost to you, reduced workforce downtime and the best possible solution, thus lowering later project and maintenance costs.

We understand that IT doesn’t start at 9am and finish at 5pm. Neither do we. If you need us to work after hours, no problem… and no penalty rates. We understand your IT needs!

No pushy sales team
Adexis has no sales team and no sales targets or vendor targets. We genuinely care about you and are focussed purely on providing you a quality solution through a consultant that is easy to speak with and technically knowledgeable.
Our solutions are designed only by someone with expert skillsets in the right products for you.
Our recommendations are not influenced by vendors and we will not be knocking on your door for this month’s order.

We are there when you need us, and not when you don’t.

Easy to engage and work with
Have you found yourself speaking with a helpdesk person, then a sales person, a sales-support person, a solution architect only then to finally speak to the tech you were looking for? Not with Adexis!
We are not weighed down with a complex hierarchy of staff or communication process. Working with us is simple and easy, you can just contact the person you need. We are flexible, agile and responsive.

No more waiting weeks to get hold of someone, we’re here for you, now!

In the case of an emergency, you can call us - anytime, simple as that.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
Adexis will be recognised as a premier provider of IT consulting services in the Australian market and to be seen as a partner of choice by clients.

Our Mission
Adexis will provide reliable, no fuss, expert IT consulting services for Microsoft infrastructure products in all vertical markets, across Australia.

Our Core Values
Technical Excellence
Reliable Support
No Sales-Speak

Our Strategy
To provide a technically competent, no fuss, independent Microsoft infrastructure consulting service that is genuinely customer focussed.